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The Curriculum

At Hollingworth we teach a topic based, creative curriculum.  We are using a skills based approach to build a curriculum that meets the requirements of the statutory curriculum, raises standards and engages and enthuses children. If you would like more information on the school curriculum please contact the school office at admin@hollingworthprimary.co.uk 

Our creative curriculum

  • Has clear educational purpose.
  • Is delivered with imagination.
  • Has measurable educational value.

The statutory curriculum, reviewed in July 2014, includes programmes of study and attainment targets for every subject.  The breadth of study is divided up across each key stage so that all aspects are covered.  The programme of study comprises the essential knowledge, skills and understanding within subjects.
At Hollingworth we believe that the more real the learning experience, the more likely it is that children will engage.  Therefore we have created a topic based curriculum where topics are real to children.  Through planning we ensure educational purpose with the content steered by children.  Our 2 year rolling programme is as follows:-



Curriculum Topics Year 1


  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
EYFS Ourselves



Celebrations and festivals Where do you live? (people/animals) Lifecycles Things that move! Water
Year 1 & 2 Homes & Houses

Medium Term Topic Wed

Homework leaflet

Antarctica Journeys Growing Beasts Seaside / Pirates
Year 3 & 4 Witches, wizards & wands


Winter wonderland Egypt Michael Morpurgo Food Pets/Animals
Year 5 & 6 Crime and



France 1,001 Arabian Nights Stone Age Wizards Dragons



Curriculum Topics Year 2


  Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2







Night & Day Superheroes All Aboard Animals Once upon a time…
Year 1 & 2 Food

Homework Leaflet

Light & Dark

Homework leaflet

Space & Aliens

Medium Term Topic Web

Homework leaflet 2017


Medium Term Topic Wed

Homework leaflet 2018

Great Fire of London

Medium Term Topic Web

Homework leaflet 2018


HMK leaflet

Medium Term Topic Web

Year 3 & 4




Homework leaflet


Homework leaflet festivals 

Australia Chocolate


Wizard of Oz Hollingworth
Year 5 & 6  




Space Ancient Greece Extreme Earth War! Legends of Longdendale
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