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Physical Education

PE Intent Statement


At Hollingworth Primary School, we strive to create a culture, which aims to inspire an active generation to enjoy PE, encourage each other, and achieve. We provide a safe and supportive environment for children to flourish in a range of different physical activities that are essential in supporting their physical, emotional, spiritual, social and moral development.



At Hollingworth Primary School, we recognise the importance of Physical Education to a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development as well as the role it can play in a child’s spiritual, moral and cultural development. We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our children and understand the impact physical activity and sport has on this.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced P.E. curriculum to aid children’s increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations. A balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities aims to cater for individual pupil’s needs and abilities.

Our curriculum is based on progressive learning objectives, which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, endeavour to provide appropriate, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning situation for all pupils. The curriculum aims to promote an understanding of the many benefits of exercise, through a balanced range of relevant activities. In addition to the importance placed on PE lessons, we also have a wider curriculum offer that includes the opportunities for pupils to take part in extra-curricular sports and activity clubs and competitions. Thus embedding life-long values such as co-operation, collaboration and equity of play.



Teaching of PE at Hollingworth Primary School

Pupils within EYFS undertake daily physical exercise within their teaching unit, through continuous provision, in our outdoor area and have access to structured activities once a week through Tameside Active teaching.

In KS1, the curriculum focuses on fundamental key skills to develop early stages of tactical awareness and physical fitness elements of agility, balance and coordination through the introduction. Curriculum content includes ball skills and team games, gymnastic and dance activities. Children are introduced to early stages of games, gymnastics, dance, outdoor and adventurous and athletics. When available, we endeavour for our KS1 pupils to access external sports festivals to further promote a culture of respect, fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators.

At KS2, pupils continue to apply and develop a range of skills to enable them to become successful games players, dancers, gymnasts and athletes. Lower key stage 2 develop the skills required for a range of games, while upper key stage 2 takes this further to allow access to varied games. We also enrich children’s experiences through opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities.


Wider Curriculum offer

Children at Hollingworth Primary School are given the opportunity to join a range of extracurricular activites after school. They range from traditional sports such as tag rugby, hockey and netball, to non-competitive physical activity clubs including gymnastics and dance. Children are given the opportunity to compete at various levels including inter-school and intra-school challenges between year groups and classes. We take part in many School Games events and currently hold the Bronze level School Games Mark for our participation in competitive sport. We provide opportunities for children to learn how to stay safe by offering swimming lessons in Year 4 and continuing until children have become confident in the water and meet the National Curriculum requirements of swimming 25m by the end of Year 6.


As a result of a strong Physical Education curriculum and wider curriculum offer, Hollingworth Primary School leavers will:

  • Become skilful and intelligent performers
  • Acquire and develop skills, performing with increasing physical awareness
  • Learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking
  • Develop their ideas in different ways
  • Set targets for themselves and compete against others
  • Understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others’ success
  • Respond to a variety of challenges
  • Take the initiative, lead activity and focus on improving performances
  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Lead healthy, active lives
  • Develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Embed values like fairness and respect
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