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Welcome back to our first reading page of the academic year. Whether your child hasn’t been able to put a book down during lockdown and the summer, or if you have struggled to get them to pick a book up…this space is for you!
For those parents new to the school, this is a page published to keep you up to date with the schools reading initiatives, important dates and general information about reading. It’s a chance to find out about new, high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as a chance to get tips and up to date information about helping your child with their reading journey.

Remember, to develop a love of reading, build vocabulary and comprehension knowledge, there is required amount of reads in a week.

Reading expectations at home.

Years 1 & 2
10 minute sessions – 5 times a week

Years 3 & 4
15 minute sessions – 5 times a week

Year 5
20 minute sessions – 5 times a week

Year 6
30 minutes sessions – 5 times a week
This will establish good reading habits and improves reading stamina through the years.





New Reads – Nursery to Year 6

New reads Nurs-EYFS 

New reads Year 1 & 2.docx

New reads Year 3 & 4

New reads Y 5 and 6

Please feel free to ask your child’s teacher for advice regarding your child’s reading. We will be only too happy to help.

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Come and enjoy a story with your child, relax and don’t forget to talk about the story!

Here is a small selection of stories for older children!

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