Hollingworth Primary School | Classes
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School Uniform

School uniform should be worn by all children. We strongly believe that it gives children a sense of pride and a feeling of community.

  • Dark trousers or skirt
  • Blue sweatshirt/cardigan with the school logo
  • Red polo-shirt with the school logo


Children should wear comfortable black flat shoes. If shoes have laces it is important that children are able to fasten them themselves. In wet and snowy weather when children wear boots or Wellington’s, they should have a change of footwear for indoor use.

Items of school uniform are available from Kids Stop in Hyde, Brigadoon in Hadfield or Tesco online. 

P.E. and Games

A change of clothing will always be required, including footwear, which needs to be in a small bag that can be easily hung on a coat peg. All children require:

  • Black shorts
  • White ,T shirt 
  • Pumps – children are not allowed to do indoor P.E. in trainers that have been worn outdoors. 

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.


Jewellery, apart from sleepers/studs in pierced ears, must not be worn. Any sleepers or studs should be as small as possible to minimise the risk of injury in the playground.  Jewellery must be removed for Games, PE and swimming. Watches are permitted.

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